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All About Loans and Finance

Loan basically means lending money from someone at a pre-defined terms and conditions . Loans play a major role in our life’s because there are times when we require high liquidity to fulfill our dreams Loans can be used for various purposes like Education, Business, House etc. To fulfill this problem we are there for you. When a firm, individual or company takes a loan then they need to provide collateral for the same. Collateral can be in various forms depending upon the nature and purpose of loan. It act as a protection for the lender.

So, we are here to fulfill all your requirements and we have collaborated with leading financial institutions like HDFC Bank, Axis bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Indusind Bank, Yes bank, etc.

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    A) Personal Loans- This is the type of loan of commonly used unsecured loan. In many cases personal loans are rejected and have higher interest rates(because they are unsecured). But if you have good cibil score then it can be availed easily. Personal loans have various uses like-
    • For marriage
    • International vacation
    • Unexpected expenses occurred suddenly.
    • House renovation, etc.
    We provide you the hassle free loan facility at lower interest rates so that you are not stucked in the middle of your plans.
    B) Business Loans- loans in business is one of the most common thing. Almost every businessman takes loans to solve the liquidity problems that occur time to time. Business loans are two types
    • Working capital loans – this loan is taken to caters day to day needs of the business like for example procurement of raw material, payment to labors, etc. We provide you best loan facility with nominal interest rates.
    • Term loans – Terms loans are used for a specific time period and generally paid off between one to 25 years. Terms loans can be used for equipment, real estate, or working capital paid off etc. We provide you best loan facility with nominal interest rates.
    • Other purposes of business loans are-
      • Expansion
      • Renovation
      • Buying Plant and Machinery, etc
    We provide you fastest business loan facility at nominal interest rates so that you only think to grow your business and focus on core activities hassle free.
    C) Housing Loans- Every person born on this earth have a dream to own a house but due to other obligations it becomes very difficult to buy. But you don’t stress about the same because we are here to fulfill all your dreams as we provide hassle free home loans from leading financial institutions at nominal interest rates, so that your dreams come true.
    D) Education loans- Education is very important in today’s competitive world. But sometimes due to financial issues children are not able to fulfill their dreams. But when we are here we will not let any child to sacrifice for their dreams as we provide best educational loans with lower interest rates.
    E) Personal Vehicle Loans- Personal vehicle is very important so that you reach timely to office, you can plan weekends with family, etc. But these days vehicles are very expansive so to fulfill your personal vehicle dreams we are here to provide personal vehicle loans at nominal interest rates.
    F) Commercial Vehicle Loans- Commercial vehicles are very important for business growth because they help in saving time, money and generate productivity. So to fulfill the requirement we are here to provide Commercial vehicle loans at nominal interest rates.
    G) Vendor Financing- Vendor financing means lending money by a vendor to a customer who uses that money to buy vendors inventory. Vendor financing helps to build strong relations between vendors and customers. Vendor financing is a great technique to caters liquidity problems. So to fulfill the requirement we are here to provide Vendor Financing at nominal interest rates.
    H) Export Receivable Financing- Export receivable financing means short term debt financing carried granted by a bank to an exporter. When the exporter gives a longer payment period than normal to a foreign buyer than an Export Receivables Loan is can be used to cater the needs of capital. So to fulfill the requirement we are here to provide Export Receivable Financing at nominal interest rates.

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