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All About Copyright Registration

The term copyright in layman language means “Right to copy”. Copyright means any unique creation of music, literacy, artistic, sound recordings, films work etc. To protect your work from being copied by anyone else, you need to get it registered under copyright act 1957. Generally copyright is given for lifetime of author plus 60 years but in some cases it varies. The registration of Copyright is done at the Copyright Office, under the control of Registrar of Copyrights who shall act under the guidance of Central Government.

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    Copyright Registration Form

    Documents Required for Copyright Registration

    A) Identity proof
    The identity proof of the author and the applicant must be produced.
    B) Certificate of Incorporation:
    If the copyright is registered on behalf of a company then the certificate of incorporation must be produced.
    C) Class, description, and title of work
    The copy of the work, if not in English then with a translation in English must be made.
    D) Details of publication:
    If the work is published then the details of such publication must be made.
    E) Power of attorney in favour of the attorney:
    NOC from author/publisher(if applicable)
    F) Search certificate:
    Search Certificate is required from the Trade Mark Office (TM -60) if the work is being used on goods or capable of being used on the goods.

    Advantage of Getting Copyright Registered

    • Create public record.
    • Ensure protection.
    • Helps to gain goodwill.
    • Helps to take legal action.
    • Can sell or pass on the rights of the work to the other person, etc.
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    What all things can get Copyright

    Literary Works.
    Dramatic Works.
    Musical Works.
    Artistic Works.
    Cinematograph Films.
    Sound Recordings.
    Computer programs, etc


    Meaning It is a helpful legal security aid for the creator/producer on any of their original artwork such as literature, music composition, sound recording, cinematography, or computer programs. Copyright ensures the entire Economic & Ethical authority of the creator on his/her intellectual properties. Trademark legally preserves any particular word, symbol, or designs that make a business entity distinctive among its competitors. It is a form of intellectual property that guards the invention of any inventor for a limited period of time. Through a patent, the inventor/owner can legally exclude others from reproducing, using or selling a particular invention.
    Protection is given for Original artistic works like written text, composed music, recorded sounds, paintings, choreography, motion pictures, cinematography, computer programming & databases etc. Any word, logo, color, font, design that differentiate products, the identity of any particular party from others. Features of shape, configuration, pattern, and ornament, the form of lines, colour or blend thereof applied to each article.
    Significance Expression of Ideas Identification of brand Invention
    Govern by Indian Copyright Act, 1957 Trade Marks Act, 1999 Indian Patent Act, 1970
    Exclusions Others are not permitted copy the work without the permission of the creator. Stop others from using the same logo/symbol. Stop others from using the invention without the permission
    Validity Term The validity time in copyright is 60 years. The validity time in trademark is 10 years. The validity time in patent is 20 years.
    Rights Provided The right to be the owner of the original artworks and excludes others from illegal copying, distributing and reproducing of the copyrighted intellectual properties. Rights to apply the mark, design, color, font and stop every illegal usage of the same by any third person. Right to stop others from producing, selling using or importing the patented invention.

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    At the office of Registrar of Copyrights and is located at Plot no. 32, BoudhikSampada Bhawan, Sector 14, Dwarka, New Delhi- 110075. On-line registration through "E-filing facility " has been provided which facilitates the applicants to file applications at the time and place chosen by them as per their convenience .
    The copyrighted work can also be transferred and sold.
    The term copyright means “Right to copy”. Copyright means any unique creation of music, literacy, artistic, sound recordings, films work etc.