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What is a Public Limited Company?

The Public Limited Company is a well-established and renowned method of conducting business, deeply rooted in tradition. It represents a voluntary union of members who come together under a legal umbrella, bestowing upon them an independent legal identity while also limiting their individual liabilities. Public Limited Companies hold a distinct prominence by virtue of being listed on stock exchanges, enabling the public trading of their shares. To initiate the registration of a Public Limited Company, specific documentation is imperative:

In conclusion, the Public Limited Company is an esteemed and time-honored approach to conducting business. Its distinct legal entity, coupled with limited liability for members, forms its foundation.

The primary purpose of a Section 8 company is to foster and advance activities encompassing commerce, arts, sciences, education, research, sports, charitable endeavors, social welfare, religious pursuits, environmental preservation, and similar noble objectives. Its mission involves dedicating all profits, income, or earnings to the promotion of these objectives, ensuring that no dividends or income are distributed to its members.

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      Steps you might need to follow: -

      Incorporation and Legal Identity: A Public Limited Company gains its distinct legal personality upon incorporation, setting it apart from its members. This separation empowers the company to operate as an independent entity.
      Limited Liability: The core advantage of a Public Limited Company lies in the limitation of its members' liabilities. Each member's responsibility is confined to their respective investments, safeguarding their personal assets.
      Stock Exchange Listing: Public Limited Companies gain visibility by being listed on stock exchanges. This listing allows the public to trade the company's shares, enhancing its financial exposure and potential for growth.
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        Some conditions need to be fulfilled before registration of Public limited company

        At least 7 Members on-board
        Minimum 3 Directors, one of them must be a resident of India
        The Directors and the Shareholder can be the same individual
        Minimum Authorized Capital Rs. 5,00,000
        Address of the Company’s registered office
        Main Object Clause of the Proposed Company
        Directors of the Proposed Company will need a DIN
        DSC of all the Directors
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          Documents Required

          PAN Card Details of all the Designated Directors and Shareholders.
          Identity Proof (Aadhaar / Voter ID card, Driving License) of all the Designated Directors and Shareholders.
          Address-proof of all the Directors and Shareholders.
          Utility bill of the proposed office i.e. proposed registered office for the company.
          No Objection Certificate or an NOC from the of the business place’s owner.
          Company’s Memorandum of Association & Article of Association.

          Advantages of Public Limited Company

          Limited liability

          Separate legal existence.

          Can be registered on stock market.

          Easily get loans and grants.

          Complete transparency of business.
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          Process to obtain registration

          Fill the required details in the form.
          Make payment.
          Expert will ask for necessary documents.
          We will apply for DSC & the DIN Number for Director.
          Draft will be prepared for necessary documents like Consent, MOA & AOA.
          All the documents will be submitted to ROC.
          As when ROC approves application for Certificate of Business Commencement will be processed.


          A Public Limited Company is incorporate and regulates as per the provisions of Companies Act, 2013 of the Indian Government. In addition, the Registrar of Companies (ROC) regulates the process with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).
          Liability of the shareholders of a public company is restricted to the capital invested in the company, and hence shareholders are not personally liable.
          A Public Limited company is required to have a minimum paid-up share capital of Rs. 5 Lakhs.

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